Climbing to Clingmans Dome | Smoky Mountains

Climbing to Clingmans Dome | Smoky Mountains

If you have followed along for the last couple of years, you have seen that we love to go on an adventure with Charlie & Meredith for their birthdays. Making memories and celebrating them by doing something they want to do or see has been so much fun!  
This year, Charlie was ready for the mountains! We found a cozy cabin in Gatlinburg, TN and headed down to the Smoky Mountains. Spring in the Smokies is so beautiful! Flowers are starting to bloom, animals are active, and temps are just right for climbing in the mountains. Read all about Charlie's birthday trip this year HERE.
We have visited Gatlinburg several times before, however, we had not conquered the climb of Clingmans Dome. Clingmans Dome is the highest point in Tennessee and the third highest peak East of the Rockies. The trail up the mountain has multiple stops as you climb up to get that picture perfect view of the Smoky Mountains. 

As we climbed, the temps dropped, and ice had coated the evergreen trees. It felt like a winter wonderland and was quite soothing to have the cooler air as we climbed.

Once we reached the top, we then began the climb of the curved walkway. Be sure to bring some water or even a snack for breaks and recharging. There are plenty of benches for a sitting opportunity.

At the top of the walkway, we were greeted with views for miles and miles. We were literally above the mountains now. The kids absolutely loved it! There are markers with info to learn all about the views and details of the construction of Clingman's Dome. 
Clingmans Dome has an elevation of 6,643ft. In 1959, a 45ft observation tower was constructed and offers a stunning 360-degree view of the surrounding terrain including views of ridges, other mountain peaks, cities, etc. Depending on the "haze" and weather, the view can be anywhere from 20-100 miles in site.
Taking in the views, we felt like it is a similar moment like looking at the ocean or the Grand Canyon. The height and views are such an amazing moment. 

We took some pics, had a snack and made our way back down the mountain.  There are so many trails you can follow for some extra hiking if you like as well. 
We had an absolute blast and were excited to check Clingman's Dome off our list of must-see places.

Let us know below if you have visited Clingman's Dome? Any questions about visiting with kids send them our way! 


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Melissa Cushing on

We love love love hiking and this is a dream! I so want to maybe move to Gatlinburg someday….so pretty and will have to visit this place when I go next time! I love the Smoky Mountains and Love the post! Thanks for sharing ;)

Susan JoyAmongChaos on

This is something I’d love to do! I’ve been to the Smokies and hope to return soon.

laura on

I did something like this with one of my sisters. And We had a fun time. This is something that I would enjoy dong with my boys.

Lynndee on

I’ve heard of Clingmans Dome before but we’ve never been. Hopefully we get to go someday.

Richelle Milar on

Wow! What a really awesome and amazing view! I would love to go and hike there

vidya on

we definitely want to visit the Great Smoky Mountains sometime and will keep Clingmans Dome in mind then.. looks beautiful

Monidipa on

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your climbing experience at Clingmans Dome in the Smoky Mountains! Your vivid descriptions and personal anecdotes made me feel like I was right there with you. Keep exploring and sharing your adventures!

Czjai on

The view is stunning! I would love to visit this place one day. :)

Rosey on

I haven’t heard of Clingman’s Dome until now. You’ve got me curious to visit.

Megan on

Wow!! It looks absolutely stunning! We haven’t been to Tennessee yet, but we’d really like to in the near future. I’m adding Clingman’s Dome to our bucket list!

Lisa on

Wow, stunning pictures! Such a beautiful place!

Tara Pittman on

This is my kind of hike. The view at the top makes it so worth it.

Kim on

I’ve heard the Gatlinburg is a great place to visit! Have to put it on my list.

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