Using Disney's PhotoPass

Using Disney's PhotoPass

I’m excited to partner with Walt Disney World to bring you this blog post. As always, all opinions are my own. #hostedbydisney
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Our recent trip to Walt Disney World was full of family fun and all things Disney magic. See our post here for more on our trip celebrating all things 50th Anniversary. 

One thing we did on this trip was utilize the Disney PhotoPass and Magic Memory Maker. Talk about a game changer! This is absolutely an upgrade worth doing. 
|About Disney PhotoPass|
So, what exactly is Disney PhotoPass? There are special locations, usually in front of attractions or typical desired photo areas, that allow Disney PhotoPass to create the picture-perfect moment of you and or your whole family at the iconic park locations. 
My favorite perk is that you ALL get to be in the photo. No more having one of your family members or friends be the photo taker and being left out of the image. It is truly the perfect solution to get those memory captures with the whole family included. 
|How to get your photos|
When you speak with the professional photographer taking your photo at a PhotoPass location, they will scan or “sync” with your ticket, magic band, Disney PhotoPass card or annual pass. With MagicBand, your attraction photos will be automatically linked to your account. Just remember, you have 45 days to download them and save them.
Simply save your photos off of your account and edit, share or print as you like! 
The Magic Memory Maker is a Disney PhotoPass product. We loved using it to add a little Disney ‘magic’ to the images. With Magic Shots, they take your Disney PhotoPass image and add in a Disney character just like they were right there with you in the photo. The kids absolutely loved it! Such a fun touch to add to the memory. 
Head here to see more on Disney PhotoPass! 
Let me know below, have you used Disney PhotoPass or Memory Maker before?

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Sally on

That is a great option. Disney is always trying to make things a more enjoyable experience for the family.

Lavanda Michelle on

Those photos are so lovely! This photo pass looks interesting, I think it’d be fit for my family. I’ll check it out, thanks!

Bethel on

Photopass is something that we shouldn’t miss to maximize the fun in Disney!

Marysa on

This sounds totally worth it! We did something similar at a park in Mexico, and it would awesome to have so many family photos.

Janeane M Davis on

This seems like a nice way to get more enjoyment from the Disney trip.

Tasheena on

This is so awesome, I can’t wait to visit Disney again.


That sounds like a really good way to get some great photos when visiting. It’s great to get everyone in the pictures.

Rose Ann Sales on

That photo pass looks absolutely fun and amazing! I would love to experience it with my kids!

Richelle Milar on

Wow! That look so much fun and exciting! I also wanted to try that photo pass with my kids!

Terri Steffes on

I always use photopass. It really helps me because I hate handing my phone to a stranger to take a photo of my family. This is such a nice service.

Tammy on

I live not too far from Mickey’s house and I’ve heard friends talk about the Photo Pass. May have to give that a try next time we go.

beth pierce on

The photopass is indeed a game changer! I wish I knew this sooner

Alita Pacio on

Lovely photos. these are treasures as a family. To keep memories and happy moments together.

Tara Pittman on

What a great way to get some fun photos. All your photos came out well.

Mandee on

This would be great for my family! There are 7 of us and I’m always bummed that one of us is not in the photo bc he/she needs to snap the pic!

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