Gift guide: For boys

Gift guide: For boys

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Sharing some of Charlie’s favorite everyday fun items, cozy apparel and gift ideas for the tween/teen aged boy.

Apparel, loungewear & accessories

Hoodie -  Colorblock hoodie. Not too thick or too thin. Charlie loves to layer these over tees. Made with Better Cotton Initiative™.

Joggers -  Cozy joggers for play, lounge or activities. They have pockets and UPF 50!

Robe -  Soft and lightweight. These robes are a classic design available in multiple colors. 

Gloves -  Cozy gloves. Fleece, form fitted and super warm. 

Marvel backpack -  One of Charlie’s favorite bags. We found ours in Hollywood Studios. Holds his favorite items or necessities for the parks when we go.

Personalized CompassThe perfect sentimental gift for the adventurer. This beautiful brass compass is personalized to your liking which is so sweet. 

Around the home

Hang-a-round chair -  Dish style chair that’s perfect for lounging, reading or gaming. Easily folds to move or store.

Cozy wedge pillow -  Made from recycled PET and water bottles. Cozy Sherpa texture. Has a pocket on the side to hold your accessories.

Active play & sports

Nerf gun - This list would not be complete without nerf guns. Weekly nerf battles are a must in our house.

Laser tag -  Rechargeable laser tag! We’ve had a lot of fun with laser tag. Can be played as a four player group, two player dual or single practice shots. 

Glow frisbee -  Glow frisbee flying disk. Several colors to choose from. You can adjust the brightness and recharge the disk. 

Scooter -  Quiet glide and made to withstand being rough with it. This scooter is great for beginners and those that know tricks!

Portable speaker -  Waterproof & durable. Perfect size to clip onto a backpack. Rechargable. 

HelmetI love these helmets have shock absorbed foam for safety but they are not so bulky compared to others. So many colors to choose from!

Basketball hoop -  Shatterproof board. Steel frame. 7.5-10 foot height adjustment range. Perfect for ages 5 and up. Solo practice shots or fun family time.

Daily use & health

Hydrapeak Water bottlePerfect size for kiddos. We love our Hydrapeak bottles for water! Great for around the house and on the go.

Toothpaste -  Remineralizing toothpaste that tastes like cake batter. Come on now. Both Charlie & Meredith love this toothpaste making it easier to build good habits of brushing. 

KidScents GeneYus Roll-On -   The roll-on style KidScents oils are colorful, fun and pre-diluted for kid use. We love GeneYus for times of focus and creativity. It’s perfect for homeschool, lego building and project time.

Gaming & tech

Nintendo Switch -  Nintendo Switch has been one of our go to gaming systems. The newest design includes a more vibrant output 7-inch screen.  

Telescope -  Great telescope to explore in nature, the stars and moon. Includes an adjustable tripod stand and wireless remote to take celestial images.

Gaming headset - Perfect for Xbox, PS or PC gaming. Memory foam ear pads and flexible headband. 

STEM, building & science activities 

Stacking cupsSuch a fun game and friendly competition for the whole family or single player practice.

Shape shifting magic cube -  Endless fun and challenging. Perfect stocking stuffer, travel toy or just for fun.

Specs fidget geode -  This one is cool. Fun for kids or adults. Perfect building or fidget fun.

National Geographic Kids Why Book -  1,111 fun questions and answers. A fun activity for questioning and learning anything from silly things to science facts. Just be prepared to be asked 1,111 questions, haha!

Fold and fly paper plane kit -  Includes tutorial and stickers for creating some amazing paper planes. Cool designs from ufos, space shuttles to classic dart paper planes.

Crystal growing science kit -  Fun science kit for growing crystal clusters.

Robobloq Q-Scout project -  Education and fun all in one. This STEM project teaches step by step skills to build and use the robot. It takes around 30 minutes to build then on to playing.

LegosWe love Legos in our house. Especially the kits. They come packaged in stages making it easy to build more detailed designs.

Lego ideas bookFull of over 200 design ideas for some fun build ideas! Perfect for any Lego fan!

Action figures - The perfect sized action figures for the Marvel fan!

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Msjane90 on

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful gift ideas for boys!

Marysa on

That chair looks so comfy. Perfect for lounging! These are great ideas, especially when it can be tough to find gift ideas.

Star Traci on

What a deep and diverse list – covers multiple ages. Laser tag and legos are always good choices.

Renee on

So many great ideas! We got the grand son laser tag by Nerf this year. Can’t wait to see him playing with it.

Lynndee on

These are all great gift ideas for boys. I enjoyed shopping for my son when he was still a boy. :)

Beautiful Touches on

These look like great gift ideas, I like a lot of the items listed for STEM as well!

Melissa Cushing on

I love that brown leather chair at the top! That is perfect for my sons bedroom! Very nice and I am loving al, f the gift suggestions here!

Tammy on

What a perfect list for boys. My son would’ve loved the magic cube. He loved puzzles like that.

Richelle Milar on

My son would really love to receive a scooter! I know he’ll enjoy it so much! Thanks for sharing these awesome gift ideas!

Kathy on

I’m loving some of these gift ideas. I think even my daughters would love so many of these.

forever my little moon on

This is a great list of ideas for kids! My daughter loves legos!

Tara Pittman on

I have 4 boys to shop for. These are some great gift ideas.

LisaLisa on

Theses are all great ideas! I love the idea of a telescope too! They can learn and be amazed at the same time.

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