Our preview of Remy's Ratatouille Adventure at Walt Disney World

Our preview of Remy's Ratatouille Adventure at Walt Disney World

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When Disney Parks invited us to Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary Celebration we were overjoyed! During our visit, we were able to preview one of their newest attractions, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.  We have been enjoying Epcot for years and love the expansion added to this part of the World Showcase. It is so nice to have a family friendly ride to now enjoy within the France portion of the World Showcase. 
We were honored to be some of the first to get to preview and experience the area, the ride itself and the new restaurant La Crêperie de Paris. Once you step into the France Pavilion, you feel the Parisian style all around. 
Into the new expansion, Remy himself is everywhere, you just have to look. He is in the iron work, on the groundwork, at the front as an adorable topiary, etc. Keep your eyes open and you’re sure to spot him somewhere in the area. 
We walked through the beautiful archway and by the grassy topiary Remy at the front. Made our way down the detailed walkway to the core of the new area.
French inspired touches like aged artwork, flowers under windows and streetlamps made it feel all the more like we were in the streets of Paris with Remy. 
To the right, you will find La Crêperie de Paris. We met up with family and enjoyed a tasty brunch. Everyone tried to get a different flavor crepe so we could see what they are all about! There are so many options from savory to sweet or dessert. We will definitely be making this a must stop when we visit again. 


Down the path, you reach the entrance of the ride. Let’s talk about the center of it all, the fountain! Set in the middle of the entrance is a 360-view fountain. Crafted from natural elements like stone, metal and of course flowing water, it really adds a calming and mesmerizing focal. Cute mouse faces can be found in its details. 
*Fun fact* You can also find its sister fountain in Walt Disney Studios Paris!
Be sure to take advantage of Disney’s Photo Pass service for those fun Fountain background images of the whole family or no worrying of bringing a camera!
Over to the left, you can view the Paris inspired bakery windows and some fun photo opportunities! The kids loved the scooter ride scenes!

Now for the main event, the ride! 

There is no need to measure for this ride, all riders are welcome. No age limit either! The whole family can enjoy this one! You take off on a 4D adventure from the perspective of being shrunk down to Chef Remy’s size. Based on the Disney and Pixar film Ratatouille, you find yourself going through a kitchen, dining room and restaurant from the point of view of how he would have experienced it. Be sure to keep your senses going with beautiful scenes, details and smells throughout the ride. 
Remy's Ratatouille Adventure is a must try and will now be on our to do again and again with our visits to Epcot. 
Let’s chat! Tell me below, have you been to see the new Remy's Ratatouille Adventure?

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Marysa on

What a cute place to visit! I enjoyed the Ratatouille movie, and I love how well-designed this place is to recreate the setting of the show.

Ivan Carlo Jose on

I love this movie! Remy is one of my favorite Disney characters.

Lori Bosworth on

It sounds like you enjoyed the new ride! I would love to have lunch at La Creperie de Paris!

laura on

so fun an amazing, I must check it out with my boys

Briana Baker on

How fun! I would love to go there with my daughters!

Catalina on

This is a quite beautiful experience. I think that my family would love it!

Richelle Milar on

Wow! What a really wonderful and amazing place to visit! I’m sure my kids would definitely love to be here!

Melissa Cushing on

This looks like a great place to visit and stay when in Disney World ;) I will have to add this to my list if must visit places :) What fabulous pictures!

Beautiful Touches on

That looks like such a fun spot, I know we loved that film when it had come out!

Jenn @ EngineerMommy on

I’d love to check out this place. I bet my kids would have fun here

IceCreamnStickyFingers on

I love the movie and I’m sure the ride is just as fun. I’m planning on taking my son to Disney before he graduates from high school.

Gervin Khan on

The place looks absolutely cute and the surrounding in it is just so mesmerizing. Love to visit this place in the future!

susan on

I remember the opening. I was young then.

Fatima T on

What a lovey experience at Disney World. Great for the family to see.

Marysa on

What a cute place! I loved this movie, and it would be fun to see this. I had no idea that they had Ratatouille world!

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