Blackened Cauliflower dinner with Green Chef

Blackened Cauliflower dinner with Green Chef


I have shared my love for delivery days of Green Chef meal kits before. To say I am excited on these days is an understatement!  If you have not tried these kits you are missing out on fun and some tasty recipes.

Cooking with Green Chef makes cooking at home so easy. Each kit includes the recipe cards and organic ingredients ready to go. Tip- Keep your cards for recipe reference when you want to create the meal again!

They really make it simple and so fun to cook at home. 🏡 Like little cooking classes to do together! 

You can choose from Paleo, Keto and Plant Powered! Each kit is custom to our choice and delivered right to our door how we choose. 

I love that Green Chef is a USDA Certified Organic Company. This makes me feel good knowing the effort behind the quality of our food we are cooking with. 

Green Chef is the most sustainable meal kit, offsetting 100% of its carbon emissions and in-box plastic. They make it so easy with directions in the box on recycling for the left over packaging.

Blackened Cauliflower 

For this kit, we got three meals in the Plant Powered option. The Blacked Cauliflower was soooo good! It took only thirty minutes to cook. Full of flavor, simple steps to create and filling. 

We created a base of couscous, roasted red peppers and corn. Cooked and coated the green beans with an apricot glaze. Layered together with perfectly seasoned and blackened cauliflower. We then drizzled the final plate with some fresh and creamy dijonnaise. This created such a satisfying, warm and contrasted sweet & spice style dish. A favorite for sure now. 

Want to give Green Chef a try?


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Peep the weekly menu at @greenchef and let me know below which meal you want to try in the comments below!

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