Simplifying Dinner with Green Chef

Simplifying Dinner with Green Chef

A special thank you to Green Chef for sponsoring this blog. All opinions are my own. #greenchefpartner #mygreenchef @greenchef 

Hey friend! Let’s talk about food! We have been traveling more lately and when we get back home from trips, we realized how easy it is to slip off of normal eating habits and just skip straight to take out. Can be fun and tempting but not so healthy or even time saving for us in the end. We needed a solution that would be fun and convenient no matter the time of the week (traveling or not), would taste great and would be convenient enough to cook & eat in an hour or less for most days. I am SO excited to share our love for Green Chef. I just know if you give it a try, you would be hooked too!

How does Green Chef work?

Just like the name, Green Chef is all about eating and Your subscription will get you amazing quality, chef prepared kits delivered right to your door.


Click through HERE, then follow these simple steps below to get your kit sent right to your door!

  1. Choose the plan that fits your lifestyle, like Keto, Paleo or Plant-Powered, all featuring hand picked, high quality, organic ingredients
  2. Ingredients come pre-measured, prepped, and are delivered right to your door contact-free. Literally a box of fun placed at your door.
  3. Recipes only take about 30 minutes to cook, and have easy, step-by-step instructions. Kind of like an at home cooking class. BONUS- Each kit comes with recipe cards, keep them to recreate again!
  4. Manage your subscription plan easily with your account. Skip a week, change your kit size, swap meals and more all in your new account! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.



We are a split family in terms of preference with paleo, vegetarian and vegan tendencies. We love the Plant Powered & Balanced kits. Expert chefs design Green Chef’s flavorful recipes, and you can tell. The quality of the food and the perfection of the recipes show there is care in the process of creating the kits. Green Chef offers a diverse array of meal plans, all with recipes ranging from global cuisines to classic comfort food. You can expect to enjoy fresh, organic, seasonal ingredients through Green Chef’s delicious recipes.



Initial benefits we have enjoyed from using Green Chef:

Green Chef makes it easy to stick to your goals with dinner options that work around your lifestyle. Busier week than normal coming up and you need more meals? No worries, hop on and adjust. Same for vacations or needing to skip a kit, simply adjust in your account.

Green Chef does the shopping, meal planning and prepping for you every week. No need to try to come up with new recipe ideas or extra trips to the store. Pre-measured ingredients save you time prepping and help to cut down on food waste.

It’s a fun way to improve your cooking skills and enjoy cooking for a healthy lifestyle. Charlie & Crew Dad and I have loved cooking the meals together. The kids love helping us too!  Green Chef makes it super easy by being delivered right to your door. 

We also feel good knowing our food is organic. Green Chef is a USDA Certified Organic Company!  

Green Chef is the most sustainable meal kit, offsetting 100% of its carbon emissions and in-box plastic. They make it so easy with directions in the box on recycling the left over packaging.  It’s easy to maintain healthy habits with wholesome, delicious recipes every week. 


All in all, Green Chef has been a wonderful addition to our weekly lifestyle. Be sure to follow along  my ‘Green Chef’ highlight in my Instagram to see meal updates as we cook them! Head HERE to use my code CHARLIEANDCREW100 and get $100 off across four boxes including free shipping on your first box! (Additional restrictions apply, see for more details).

Let me know in the comments below which meal kit you would love to try! If you have tried Green Chef already, which recipe has been your favorite so far?

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