Backyard Firepit Family Fun with Blue Sky Outdoor Living!

Backyard Firepit Family Fun with Blue Sky Outdoor Living!

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I absolutely love when the weather is warm and everyone loves getting outside. Creating outdoor entertainment is always super important and making sure it is something the whole family can enjoy. It is the memories we create that makes it awesome. Blue Sky Outdoors amazing Mammoth Smokeless Patio Fire Pit is an amazing addition to our backyard. It is super easy to install and with amazing accessories can do so many things!

Blue Sky Outdoor Mammoth Smokeless Patio Fire Pit ships to your door in two pieces. The Ash Catch tray and the burn chamber. Set the ash catch tray down on a flat surface and the burn chamber on top of the ash catch tray and you are all set!

Always use caution when using your fire pit. To view the full safety guidelines and owner's manual for the Mammoth Patio Fire Pit here.

The Mammoth Smokeless Patio Fire Pit is not your ordinary fire pit, this baby is massive! Assembled it is 32.8” diameter and 18” Tall! You want to make a statement in your backyard, the Mammoth is for you. Blue Sky Outdoors offers plenty of sizes to fit many applications! Check their website for more information. I would recommend when installing the Mammoth to have two people setting it in place. Its Net Weight is 91.5 lbs!

The kiddos loved the Roasting sticks when it came to marshmallow time. They loved the fact there were so many colors to choose from. I loved that you can clean and store everything in the handy pouch. The Mammoth Smokeless Patio Fire Pit is an amazing addition to the backyard. We are going to have so many fun summer nights with it. From cooking, to who can create the best smore, to just enjoying the open flame, this will become a focal of fun for our backyard. I want to thank Blue Sky Outdoor Living for sponsoring this project, and please let me know what kind of fun you would have with a fire pit in your backyard!


Thank you again friends for taking the time and as always stay classy!


Helpful Tips:


  • The Mammoth is their largest smokeless fire pits and required a lot of firewood to burn efficiently
  • Only Firewood and/or wood pellets should be burned in the the pit
  • It can achieve a temperature of up to 1,400°F, which produces less smoke and embers
  • Made of Heavy-Duty steel and coated in high temperature paint
  • Once fire is completely out and cooled, life the burn chamber off the ash tray to clean
  • Do not forget your fire pit cover!

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Catalina on

I see that this can be a lot of fun! I think it’s the best summer family activity!

Bri on

That looks awesome! We tried one of those metal ones and it was awful! Love how deep this thing is!

laura on

This looks amazing, the fire pit I love. Thanks for sharing it.

forever my little moon on

We are thinking about making a fire pit in our yard this year. This one looks really nice!

Heather on

Love how plug and play this is. Super easy!

Richelle Milar on

We’ve never had a fire pit like this. My husband would love this for sure!

Jeannette Lacy on

I love the way this fire pit look!!!! Functional and beautiful!!!😊 I need one!!!

Tara Pittman on

I like that it is smokeless. Maybe it wont affect my asthma when I use it.


A firepit sounds like something that would be perfect to have to enjoy with the family. I’d love to roast marshmallows on one with my kids.

Tammy on

I love all these new fire outs. Thanks for sharing this.

Beth on

I love that! We’ve been talking about installing a fire pit, and I love this idea so much more than actually constructing one.

Amber Myers on

I need a firepit like this! We always love s’mores. I will keep this in mind for the summer.

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