Charlie's Twin Desk Project

Charlie's Twin Desk Project

A special thank you to National Hardware for sponsoring this blog. All opinions are my own.

Hey friends! Charlie’s room is coming together so well. The old carpet is gone, new vinyl flooring taking its place. We have an amazing Mountain wall mural as the centerpiece, new bed, bedding, and mattress. Now it is time to tackle a space for lego building, drawing, and school time! I partnered with National Hardware to add some amazing metal accents to his twin desk project. I wanted to tie in the black metal touches that are in his room, from his curtain rod to another future project (more to come on that) that will add loads of awesome metals! 

The material list of amazing National Hardware pieces are as follows!

 1157BC Structural Corner Braces (N351-501) 

 115 Corner Braces (N266-479)  

I wanted his desk design to have simple lines, there was no need to make them overly complicated. I just wanted dual spaces that he could set up differently as he saw fit. Let’s get started…

First step is lining up these beautiful Structural Corner Braces at the top of the desk. These are going to add so much character and Charlie is going to love the beefy look of these braces. First we clamp the corner braces in the position I need before drilling pilot holes.

Next we drill 1/8″ pilot holes for the 1/4″ Hex Head lag bolts. I want to center the pilot hole in the center of the slot of the brace.

Next I hand start the hex head lag bolt before using the socket to tighten. I make sure to do a few turns on each bolt, alternating between the two unit tight.

Now I repeat the process on the other two bolts, then move to the other side. I use two of these braces per desk.

Next step will be installing the base to the top. I place the top (side I want for the actual top facing down) then I place the base, bracket side facing the front of the desk on top. I use my tape measure to lineup the base. I am making sure I have the desired overhand for the top, making notes so the next desk will match perfectly.

I will be using National Hardware L-Brackets to install the top to the base. Did you know you can find National Hardware components at your local home improvement store?

These are super easy to install, I just make sure the top and base stay lined up!

After the four braces are installed we flipped the desk over to do the final touches. The smaller corner braces tie in the large braces and really give the tops a finished look. I start with a 1/16 pilot holes and add the phillips head screws.

Look how simple that was to add some sweet accents to these desks. Now it is time for the fun part, get these in Charlie’s room and let him enjoy! Thank you so much for following along, I would love to here in the comments below what you think. I want to thank National Hardware for sponsoring this blog. They make so many high quality products, from construction applications to amazing hardware that really adds design to any project. Thanks again my friends and have a wonderful day! Stay Classy!

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