DIY Gift Tags with Scotties Triple Soft™ x Genevieve Gorder designs

DIY Gift Tags with Scotties Triple Soft™ x Genevieve Gorder designs

The Holiday’s are fast approaching and we have started to get ready for the feastivities, traditions and family visits. I was so excited to see that Scotties Triple Soft™  has partnered with Genevieve Gorder for the second year in a row! These thoughtfully designed boxes are the perfect way to incorporate your Scotties Facial Tissues around your home while also adding a festive and stylish feel to your decor without sticking out. They offer a wide selection of designs for every home. 

This year’s collection will be offered with Scotties Triple Soft™ tissues that have three layers of softness for ultimate protection.  With three layers of softness and strength, Scotties Triple Soft™ tissues give you the softness you can feel along with an added layer of protection helping you be prepared during the harsh winter months when cold and flu season is at its worst. Stay safe with 3-Ply softness that can handle the toughest sneezes, blows, and nasty colds.

They worked closely with Genevieve to bring to life some of her favorite design themes – including natural woods, sparks of glitter, vintage graphics, touches of metal and Scandinavian motifs. I absolutely adore the design with the bird motif!

One of my favorite ways to continue to use the gorgeously designed boxes once we use a box up is to save them and use them as gift tags on gifts. Perfect timing with Christmas around the corner isn’t it?

DIY Tag Instructions

Items needed:

  • Your emptied Scotties x Genevieve Gorder designed boxes
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Hole Punch
  • Cardstock or plain paper
  • Ribbon, twine or thread for the gift bow
  • Pin or Marker

Creating your Tags

Step One- Decide the shape & size need

Gift wrap your present as you would normal. Based on present size, determine your tag size preference. Decide your shape desire. I love a classic rectangle or square as seen on mine. You can also use cookie cutters or download templates for fun shapes as well. 

Step Two- Cut and Hole punch

Once you have your shape decided, cut the sides off your used Scotties Tissue box. Next, cut your desired shape on your Scotties card piece. Once complete, line it up and match the same cut out on your solid cardstock. You can also use a ruler and cut the desired size that way. The cardstock is where you will write your message or To name. Line up your two pieces and hole punch at the top. 

Step Three- Attach and fill out

Once you hole punch, use your desired thread or ribbon and tie the cards with the Scotties design face up on top of the cardstock cutout. Slide the Scotties tag over and fill out your Gift tag as needed. Place the Scotties tag back for a finished ready to give gift! Enjoy!

Find the eight EXCLUSIVE Genevieve Gorder custom designed Scotties Triple Soft™ and Triple Soft Aloe boxes at one of these retailers while supplies last: Publix, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Market Basket & Hannah ford

Check out the lovely designs and snag a coupon here:

Let me know in the comments below, which design is your favorite?

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