DIY | How to add hanging plants to your space with National Hardware

DIY | How to add hanging plants to your space with National Hardware

A special thank you to National Hardware for sponsoring this post. All opinions shared are my own. #NationalHardwarePartner 
Heading into Spring, it was time to do some refreshing around our house with some new decor and of course, plants!  I love adding greenery to any space where we can. Our home office was one area that was needing a touch of greenery, but we had an issue of not enough desk space as we worked. To solve this, National Hardware Ceiling Hooks were a super easy solution that allowed us to add some plants to the office while keeping them off our desks. 
Follow the steps below for a quick DIY of how to add some hanging greenery anywhere in your home with National Hardware Ceiling Hooks. Let us know in the comments below where you would love to hang some plants in your home this Spring!
Team members needed: 
One - Yourself
Time for project:
30 Min
  • National Hardware 2 ½” Ceiling Hooks (Item: V2666  N274-936)
  • Drill
  • Drill bit (5/32)
  • Measuring tape
  • Hanging flower pot
  • Faux greenery or live plant desired
Step One:
Deciding where to hang-
Adding a touch of greenery to your home office can create a more inviting or inspiring space. To counteract the need of keeping as much desk space open as possible for work, opt for hanging your plants versus setting them on the desk. You get the touch of greenery in the space without the plant getting in the way of workflow. Take a look at your space and decide the best location to hang your plants. This will vary with every space, but keep in mind the width of your pots and plant overhang. You will want to position your hook to be centered on your pot allowing an estimated 2 inch additional space between your plant and wall so it will hang loosely and away from the wall. 
Step Two:
Marking the spot-
Using a pencil and measuring tape, draw a tiny spot on your ceiling marking the location for the hook. Remember to put this at the center of your pot plus an estimated two extra inches over to give your pot and plant space between your wall and the pot.  
Step Three:
Installing the hooks-
Once your spot is decided and you have made your mark, install your drill bit into your drill. Center your drill bit on the mark you made and drill into the ceiling about ¼ inch up. This will give a start for the hook to grab in and install easier. Take your National Hardware Ceiling Hook and twist into the pre drilled hole until the base of the hook is flush with the ceiling. There should be several twists on the hook to accomplish this. The hook should feel snug once screwed in. If you are only hanging one pot, continue to the next step. For additional pots, repeat the steps for the next hook and flower pot. A gain measure for a spacing that allows room between your wall and the now other hanging pot so the pots don't touch. 
Step Four:
Hanging your pots-
Once the Hooks are installed, it's time to hang your plants! Using the chain or rope that is securely attached to your pots, loop onto the National Hardware Ceiling Hook. Once it feels secure, gently let go and allow it to hang. You are all done and can now enjoy your new plants in your space!  

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Melissa Cushing on

I love this and I too love houseplants placed throughout my home. They add that perfect pop of green and I just love them :) I love these hanging plants and I am going to add some to my space!

Catalina on

I love plant in my home! It’s a great idea to have an hanging plant in my house!

Marysa on

This looks wonderful! We have totally run out of space for plants and I think this will have to be my next strategy.

Lynndee on

I have those hooks and used them to hang the plants on our front porch.

Janis on

I love having house plants but have never done hanging ones like these. Thanks for giving me the inspo to try something new.

Beth on

This is a great tutorial for hanging plants from the ceiling! We just hung a few up in our house, and it made a huge difference.

Rose Ann Sales on

This is absolutely amazing! So creative I’m surely gonna give this a try!

Richelle Milar on

This is such a really amazing and great DIY! I would love to try this!

IceCreamnStickyFingers on

I don’t have a green thumb and end up killing plants. Now that I have a nosy kitten, I would have to hand my plants from the ceiling.

kelli A on

These hanging plants look amazing and the hardware looks like it will stand up to the weight of them. Great options!

Gillian on

My townhouse came with some hooks in the ceiling. Perfect for hanging plants. Hanging them up is particularly good for keeping the out of the reach of cats who chew them given the opportunity.

Tara Pittman on

This is a nice look. I would hang fake plants as I would forget to water the plants.

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