Halltree build with National Hardware

Halltree build with National Hardware


A special thank you to National Hardware for sponsoring this blog. All opinions are my own. #NationalHardware

I am so excited to finally dig into our entryway. I felt like we were needing better storage for shoes and some serious design upgrades in this space in a hurry! We decided to add a HallTree to our space, but we wanted to make sure we added function in the design. Creating storage inside the Halltree was made so easy using National Hardware’s Continuous Hinge. This is an easy way for us to add a storage compartment in our Hall Tree while not affecting the overall look of the hall tree. If you are looking for an amazing way to add more flare to your space, while giving you a place to store, check out this build. 

I love builds that you can easily customize the design to fit your home. You can take this hall tree and change up the material type, finish, and size, and really make it your own. Let's get out in the shop and make some sawdust, let’s get started!

Difficulty: Intermediate

Tools Required:

Miter Saw and Circular Saw

Wood Glue


Tape Measure


Drill w/ proper drill bits 


Safety Glasses

Hearing Protection



National Hardware STOCK # N266-957

Step 1: 

This really is the most important step in the entire process, projects can become harder if we fail at the planning process. We need to measure and see what size hall tree we want in our space. We decided on a HallTree that is 74” Tall, 39.5” Wide, and 16” deep. We knew we wanted to go with a similar style as the barn door that was by it and we wanted it a clean white. This is the fun part, make it your own! Now gather all the supplies you will need for the build, don’t forget your National Hardware Continuous Hinge. They come in many sizes and finishes. We are building our HallTree out of pine boards for the outer trim, ¾” plywood for the chest and lid, ½” plywood for the backing.

Step 2:

Now we get to build a great base. Really take your time here to keep everything square and true. I needed to determine how I wanted to build the box. There are so many different ways to build this box, feel free to use any you are comfortable with. I decided to make the box using pocket whole screws. Using my circular saw and a straight edge I cut the following out of ¾” plywood.

(2) ¾” x 38” x 16” Front / Back

(2) ¾” 13.25” x 16” Sides

1-¾” x 36.5” x 13.25” Bottom 

I would do a light sanding eliminating the rough edge and now it is time to layout the pocket holes. I did 24 pocket holes on the bottom, 10 down each side and 2 on each end. This may have been overkill but I want to keep everything flush and protected from the abuse of shoes being thrown in. I did 10 pocket holes for each side piece, 5 on each side. No pocket holes on the Front and Back pieces. 

Using a little wood glue and clamps to keep everything together I installed all the pocket screws to complete the box. As the box is drying now it is time to cut the trim pieces for the chest and the back.

Step 3

Samantha and I sketched up the design for our hall tree. We actually designed a barn door to go with the hall tree to keep the design in our entryway fluid. For the trim of the chest, I am using 1x2x8 Pine. Here is my cut list below:

Using your Miter Saw cut the following:

(2) 35” Long

(6) 16” 

(2) 13”

(4) 12.5”

Always be mindful of the blade when cutting! Always wear proper PPE when woodworking! This step is where you can really get creative creating your design. We wanted our design to look similar to our Barn Door that is in the space, please make this yours for your space. Using wood glue and 1-¼” 18ga nails, I added the 16” vertical trim piece on each end of the chest. Then on the front of the Hall Tree I added the two 35” long Horizontal trim pieces. Using my tape measure, I marked the spacing of the final two trim pieces on the front. These will be the two 13” pieces. Moving to the sides I added the two 12.5” trim pieces to each side. This was a fun part for me because I could finally see the look of our hall tree come alive. Let’s move on to the next step where we prep the back structure and get our lid dimensions.

Step 4:

We can really see our design take shape with all the trim pieces on the base. We need to add a piece of ¾” ply on top of the base for the National Hardware Continuous Hinge to be installed on. Then we will be able to install the back structure next. Here is the cut list for this step.

Using 1x6x6’s

(2) 2’-8-½”

Using 1x4x8’s

(2) 4’-8-¾’

(2) 2’-8-½”

Using 1x2’s

(1) 1x2x3’-4-½”

¾” Plywood

3-¾” x 3’-3-½” 

Now it is time to form the back structure that will support the ½” plywood backing. I am using pocket holes and wood glue for this part as we did the bottom chest. I am going to put 2 pocket holes in one end of the long 1x4’s and place 4 equally spaced pocket holes on one of the long sides of the 1x6’s. Using my pocket holes I will attach the 1x6 first followed by the two 1x4’s. I will take the last 1x6 and place 2 pockets holes on each end. This will finish the back structure. I will add the shorter 1x4’s once the ½” backing is installed.

Moving to the top of the chest, I will add the ¾” plywood piece using glue and wood screws. This is a great time to pause and let the wood glue dry. Now let's create our storage lid.


Step 5

Using the same ¾” plywood as the chest, I will cut using my Circular Saw and a straight edge. The lid will be 3’-3-¾” x 11.75”. I also made sure to round the corners for safety of bumping into them. This is also a good time to trim your National Hardware Continuous hinge. That really is one of the cool things about these hinges, they work for so many cool applications. I made the hinge a little smaller than the width of my lid, using a square and permanent maker I made a cut line. Using a new cutoff wheel on my grinder I trimmed the hinge to size. There is just something so fun when it comes to cutting metal if you ask me. Make sure to wear eye protection when cutting metal! Using my drill I made 1/16” pilot holes and preinstalled my hinge using the supplied screws. Make sure when installing your continuous hinge you keep everything square.



Step 6

After allowing everything to dry let's finish off the build with the backing. Make sure when cutting the backing that you check the exact measurement of your build. During the build things can shift and you do not want to have waste of a full sheet of ply, especially with the cost of lumber these days. I used my circular saw to get the width and length correct, and a jigsaw to cope around the area of the lid. This is a great time to have a buddy handy. Using clamps to help keep the backing aligned, I installed using wood glue and screws. Now we can add the remainder of the 1x4’s from step 4. After you are finished, let everything dry.

Step 7

This is not my favorite part of the project but it is an important part to make it look good. You guessed it, sanding! Remove the hinge from the lid and save all the screws. Fill all nail/screw holes and cracks with wood filler. Then sand everything down to 220 grit and make sure to remove all the dust. If you have any large voids where you installed your design pieces use a paintable caulk for these areas if you are painting.

Then apply your finish!



Step 8


After your finish has completely dried, now it is time to reinstall the lid. I first would reinstall the screws from your trial assembly. This will insure the hinge will be secured correctly. Then install the remaining screws. With a buddy, move your Hall Tree into its new home. 

Now take a moment to enjoy all the storage you added to your entryway and the cool piece you just made for your home. Our kiddos love putting their shoes away and think it is a cool spot to hide treasures. With the help of National Hardware you can create something amazing for your home and have a great time doing it. As always my friends thanks for reading and of course Stay Classy!

Installation Tip! Remove the baseboard where the hall tree will set, this will allow it to set flush against the wall.

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Msjane90 on

I like it! This look so nice! I want this but need a space.

Lois on

That is a great hall tree. I like the fact that it can be made easily to fit any space.

Whitney Stewart on

I love hall trees; there perfect for hanging coats on and storing small bags and pack backs. My house is too small for something like this, but if I ever do need one I’ll remember this post!

Catalina on

This hall tree is so useful and I really need it for my home. I need to check it out!

Richelle Milar on

Can’t wait to share this with my husband! It turned out so amazing!

Lynndee on

I like it. Great job! Now if only I know how to DIY that. Sometimes it does look so easy to make. LOL.

Everything Enchanting on

Thanks for sharing the step-by-step tutorial of this Halltree build! This looks great 😍 Now, I need one for myself!

Beautiful Touches on

It looks really well put together, clean, and space efficient!

Renee on

It’s great to have people around who can make things with ease. I know I enjoy it too. We make a lot of things rather than buying.

laura on

I love this. I wish I had room to have one. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Christy Garrett on

I really wish that I had space for an entry way dump zone for coats and backpacks. My house is small so there just isn’t any room for it.

Shelley King on

I have always wanted a hall tree! I wish I had somewhere to put it.

Gervin Khan on

Awesome! This DIY project looks great and the finished product is just so mesmerizing! Perfect addition to any household! Loved it!

Kathy on

That looks so amazing. I love how it turned out. I need one of those for myself.

Tara Pittman on

I love this. This would be great for the kids school items

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