Making hanging art easy with National Hardware

Making hanging art easy with National Hardware

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Hi friends, Danny here! When it comes to hanging art and decor in our home it can become a chore. The hardest part for me is making sure everything stays level. Who has hung up a mirror and it ends up leaning? This guy has done that plenty of times. My friends over at National Hardware have some amazing hangers to solve this problem.

 It was time to add some decor to our entryway. I wanted to hang up one of our Rustic American Flags. Using National Hardware part #N260-143 to make this job so much easier. They come in 4 different sizes to fit all sorts of applications


First step was prepping the wall. Using my tape measure, I figured out where I wanted the flag to hang. This bracket will be installed on the top of the flag, so I needed to know how high I wanted the flag to be. Then marking the center, I know how to center up the bracket on the wall.


What is really cool about these hangers is that they have a built-in level.

Step one is lining up the center of the wall bracket to our center line. National Hardware gives you an amazing tip with installing the center wall screw in first. This way you can still level the bracket before you place the first outer wall screw.

Using a Phillips head screwdriver, place the other two screws. Watch out for studs, if you hit a stud move in one hole, then place the screw. Keep an eye out on the level and make sure you are staying level as you place the second and third screw.

Tip: Use a stud finder to mark for studs prior to starting!


Now it is time for the fun part, hanging! Line up the frame bracket with the wall bracket and slowly drop into place. Feel free to slide side to side to ensure a perfect fit and lineup. 


There you go my friends, a perfectly level Flag the first time. This really made hanging artwork ultra-fun and I know these will come in handy with other projects in the future. 

I want to thank National Hardware for sponsoring this project. Be on the lookout for more projects with National Hardware this year. I would love to know in the comments where you would use these mounts.







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