Protecting with TotalBoat

Protecting with TotalBoat

Charlie’s desk build was super fun. It was so awesome to build the frame of his desk without the use of screws. I used the Rockler’s Beadlock system to build his frame, once you get the system down it was super easy to create awesome joints.

This project brought on some firsts, even though it is a simple design, I wanted to add different build elements to grow me as a maker. Using the bedlock system, eliminating the use of screws in the frame, minus installation of the top and metal accent pieces was a perfect way to start. Now it is time to try something new for the top. This is where Total Boat comes in, I have used their epoxy in the past, but I wanted to try their varnish. 

These desks will be put to the test with Charlie, from countless lego builds, hours of drawings and learning. I need a finish that is up to the task to get the job done. For this build I chose the TotalBoat Halcyon Rugged Marine Varnish in Clear! There is such a buzz about this product in the maker community, I know I had to try it for myself.

Before starting, the key is proper prep. Make sure the top is free of dust, dirt, and debri. I love using the following cloths to make sure the surface is perfect.

Gator Finishing Tack Cloth

These are freshly stained and cured top with no CLEAR COAT so there is no need to do a light sand. We can move straight on the applying finish. One of the awesome perks to this product is that you can apply with a brush, roller, or spraying, no need to thin. The fact that you can apply 5 coats in a day, with proper temp, means we can knock this project out faster.

I was able to do these indoors because of the low VOCs! (less than 75 g/l)

“Total Boat does recommend using Halcyon Satin as a final coat over clear gloss or clear amber gloss”

I was able to apply 5 coats to both tops in ONE day, then the following day I was able to install and get these desks in his room.

Here is some other key points I want to share about this amazing product!

  • Comes in a resealable pouch that prevents skinning over and product waste
  • Water-based formula means easy cleanup with just soap and water
  • No mixing or measuring, and won’t skin over while you’re using it

I am super excited to see how these wear. Charlie will put them to the test, and I can’t wait to follow up with an update later.

Thank you so much for taking the time. I would love to hear in the comments what you think about these desks. Have a wonderful day friends and stay classy!

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