Under Lucky Stars

Under Lucky Stars

Hi friends! I want to share such a cool item for your home that allows you to share with your loved one a special event in your life together.


Under Lucky Stars allows you to choose a specific date, time and location and showcase that event with an awesome star map! Then you are able to select from a ton of sizes, print colors, and frame choices to make it absolutely perfect! I chose the 24″x36″, with a white and black background, and a natural wood frame!

Then to top it off you are able to customize the top and bottom text to really make it your own. I want to showcase our first date as “Our Journey Begins”, because our first date was the start of something special!

Starting at $45, this is perfect gift for that special someone as Christmas time comes around. This such a well put together item and my wife absolutely loved it!

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Stay Classy Friends


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