An adorable Llama Condo for Daisy

An adorable Llama Condo for Daisy

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One of our latest rescues is an adorable kitten named Daisy. She was just a few weeks old when we got her. She is growing and full of spunky energy. Indoor cats, like Daisy, need ways to play, safe places to scratch and cozy spots to sleep. 
This Llama Cat Condo is the cutest thing and meets all those needs! Daisy absolutely loves it. She loves napping in the center bed that's lined and super soft. The neck of the llama is the perfect sized scratch post for popping her nails. She is always climbing it, resting on the back and jumping on the sweet llama. 

Be sure to check out below the other adorable Frisco Animal Series by Chewy cat condos and scratch posts. Other styles include a sweet unicorn and an adorable sloth.
Let us know in the comments below, which Frisco Animal Serious condo would your fur baby love?

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Beautiful Touches on

That kitty condo is too cute, I bet they love how soft the surface area is!

Clarice on

Awww. This is really cute and Daisy looks adorable. Love her pink dress too. Would love to get this condo for my cat too.

Gervin Khan on

Wow! These are such a great addition and an instant favorite for our dear cats! This llamas play set looks really great and cute too! Loved them all!

Czjai on

How adorable is that?! The llama looks super cute, but Daisy is even cuter!

Tara Pittman on

That is so cute. I need to buy one for my cat.

Kathy on

That is so adorable! I would love to get one of these for my cats. How cute!

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