Judy's little corner update with Clearly Loved Pets

Judy's little corner update with Clearly Loved Pets

A special thank you to Clearly Loved Pets for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are my own. 

We have a love for rescue pets in our home. We currently have two dogs, two cats and a bun, Judy.

As with any pet, a routine and care become an importance for the day to day. 

We knew we were going to need a space for Judy that would be safe but also be cozy for her too when she would have to be in an enclosed area.  She is a free roam bunny but there are times she needs her own secure space and comfort.  Clearly Loved Pets was the perfect solution for her. 

Clearly Loved Pets has an amazing selection of enclosures for your pet. 

I love this part of the Clearly Loved Pets Story:

“At Clearly Loved Pets we believe that the human-animal bond is an enduring relationship that promotes well-being and meets the need for love and affection in both humans and animals. “

We went with the 36” Medium Lucidium Pen. The Medium Lucidium  Pen is an oversized, indoor enclosure, with two color choices and a drop-down bar at the door for walk-in access, and clear panels so pets are not behind bars.

It has a beautiful design so when in our living area, it blends in with our decor, unlike a cage. 

Bandit, our rescue dog, has a fear of cages and bars. This goes back to before we got him from a rescue group. Bar style pens will trigger him to be nervous, scared and hide. He has not been nervous at all around the Clearly Loved Pets enclosure, which has been such a blessing.

The clear panels allow Judy to see through, feel like she is still part of the overall room and not secluded or trapped, regardless if her pen door is open or not.  We keep her dedicated food, water, chew toys and hay box in her Clearly Loved Pets home. She knows and loves her little routine of it being her space for her things but still able to come out as she needs or be safe and happy when we have to secure her in the pen for a bit. 

36” Medium Lucidium Pen Details:

  • A scratch resistant aluminum frame in your color choice from the options
  • Clear acrylic wall panels
  • Injection molded plastic connectors
  • Custom designed modern hardware

The enclosure has been such a great addition to our routine with Judy. Head to the Clearly Loved Pets website for videos on the pens, more size options and cleaning/care instructions! 

Do you have a pet? These enclosures are perfect for several types of pets (dogs, cats, bunnies, etc.). Let’s chat below about your pet that would love a Clearly Loved Pets home. 


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