The Tech Fan by Nite Ize

The Tech Fan by Nite Ize

 A special thank you to @niteize for sponsoring this blog! All opinions are my own.


Technology is a huge part of our day to day lives. We all enjoy our smart phones and gadgets that help make our lives easier. @niteize has all of this covered, to keep all of your technology organized and products that make travel way better. Meet the Tech Fan Adventure Kit

The Tech Fan Adventure Kit from Nite Ize has a ton of awesome products to make any tech lover go nuts.  The kits contains 8 different products, so let’s showcase some of them now.

The Steelie Dash Kit Plus is the perfect hands free phone mount! It is super easy to mount on your dash, and it makes attaching, rotating, and detaching your phone a breeze.  Where I am from, there are plenty of pot holes and bumps on the road, and this mount secures my phone and I have no worries that it will fall off! Who likes trying to find their phone on the floor board, not me!

The perfect mate for your Steelie Dash Kit Plus is the Steelie Pedestal Kit for Smartphones. It uses the same phone attachment as the dash kit and it safely secures your phone while on the counter, desk, or in my case kitchen table. I love having my phone standing up while blogging or writing emails. Since the Steelie is well balanced I do not have to worry about it falling over. Plus the mount looks amazing and it is well made like all @niteize products.

Next up is the amazing gear that will aid your everyday carry items. First up is the Financial Tool RFID Blocking Wallet, this easy to use wall safely stores your card and helps block them from RFID theft. It also has 10 convenient tools build right in, from a bottle opener, screwdrivers, a scraper, and metric and standard wrenches to name a few. This is the ultimate Tech wallet!

Second is the Curvyman Cord Supervisor, I love how this little guys keeps my headphone cord inline and with the built in clip I can keep it always handy. Especially if I want to ignore those boring business meetings!

Finally the Gear Tie Cordable Twist Tie, keeping you charging cables neat and tidy will no longer be an issue. One end has a stretch loop that fit over one end of your cord, then all you have to do is tidy the cord then wrap it. Since it loops over the cord you will no longer have to worry about losing your twist tie!

The Gear Tie Original Assortment 12-pack has you covered for any size job when it comes to organizing your cables. This babies can be used to tidy up any electrical cord inside your home, or take them out in the shop to tidy up those pesky power tool cords.

Nite Ize has you covered when it comes to your love of Tech! From awesome ways to use your smartphone to ways to clean up your wallet and cords, you need to see all of the ways Nite Ize can help you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and please let me know in the comments below what your favorite product is. Have a great day and stay classy!

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