Win Christmas with Wicked Edge

Win Christmas with Wicked Edge

I want to thank Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpeners for sponsoring this blog and sending me over their Model WE130 for me to review!

Hey friends, Christmas is around the corner and it is time to find that special gift for that special someone. I have the perfect gift for that outdoorsman or chef in the family, Wicked Edge are the makers of a full lineup of Precision Knife Sharpeners.

They sent over their model WE130 with Aluminum base for me to review! This kit has everything you need to turn that dull kitchen or hunting knife into the sharpest tool in the drawer! The WE130 comes with the following:
Generation 3 vise
Cam Shaft
Depth Key (built in slot in the vise for storage)
Degree Bar
3/8″ 10-28 Thumb screw
Guide Rods (2)
Allen KEY (built in slot in the vise for storage)
Coarse 100 grit / Medium Coarse 200 grit / Medium 400 grit / Fine 600 grit
Diamond Stones Pack
(upgrade of granite base solid separately)

Installation is a breeze, mounting the vise to the base takes two screws, then just install the two guide rods into the degree bars, and you’re ready for setup!

I was very impressed with the instructions, I love that it had a ton of photos for a clear illustration of how to setup your first blade for sharpening. You can tell that safety is an extreme concern for them because they are crystal clear on how to safely get the blade locked in.

Now grab yourself a sharpee and a pair of gloves and it’s time to get started taking that dull edge and making it sharp. A sharp blade is a safer blade to use, you don’t need a blade that you have to place too much pressure on to cut your material. This is the easiest way to cause injury!

After marking the bevel of the blade with the permanent marker you are now ready to follow their detailed instructions on how to go through different levels of grit to make that blade pretty.

After sharpening my first blade, I love the ease of use of the device! Everything is color-coded and the grit numbers are clearly visible. The instructions show us how to handle different issues that can come up during the sharpening process and how to remedy it. Their goal with this machine is to be efficient for the professional chef or sportsman to the weekend warrior. I love how the device doesn’t take up a large footprint and it is built extremely well. The device is made to last a lifetime. They have a full lineup of articles and videos to help you get the most out of your sharpening experience.
As with every new tool, practice is key, so practice on your cheaper blades to practice your technique and allow your stones to break in. With great instruction and a wide variety of helpful content on their site you will be a pro in no time!
If you’re looking for a great tool either for yourself or for a great gift for your loved one, and you want a device to safely and effectively sharpen your blade give Wicked Edge a look.
Please click the link below and see the magic for yourself. For more information, including how-to articles and videos, and purchase Wicked Edge products at Wicked Edge

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